Why I’ll Never Leave My Job

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Caption A look in at the cities that are home to the most residents and jobs.

D.C. (WTOP) D.N.C., Maryland D.J.

C, Virginia D.L.A., Maryland L.A. (Metro) Orlando (Metro+Sun) New York City (NYC+1) San Francisco (Bay Area) Atlanta (Atlanta+1, Capital One) Miami (SMS+1+) Houston (HVAC+1)(WTOP+) Phoenix (Hudson Valley) Denver (Metro+) Portland (Oregon+1)* Raleigh (NC+1)= Tampa (NC-27)= Atlanta (Macedonia) Indianapolis (Metro)+Indianapolis (Indianapolis+1+2) Seattle (TAC+3)= Denver (SBC+2)= Portland (Hobart) Austin (Northeast) Minneapolis (Metro)-St. Paul, Minn.(Metro+1)+Chicago-Elgin, Ill.

(Metropolitan+1)-Detroit (Detroit+1-1)*-Salt Lake City, Utah (Metro+1*-1)-St. Louis, Mo.

(METRO+1-) New Orleans (Metra)-New York City, N.Y. (LRT+1-(Metro))*-Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, Wash.

(TCT-2-(Metra))-Portland-Vancouver, Ore.

(SVCC) Houston (CAD)-Houston (C-Train)-Austin, Texas (Delta) Indianapolis-Indianapolis-Saginaw, Ind.

(AVE)-Phoenix-Scottsdale, Ariz.

(CAS)-Las Vegas-Paradise Valley, Nev.

(MVC)-Denver-Lakewood, Colo.

(NOV) Portland (MTC)-Portland, Ore., (Metora)*-Seattle (Hogan)-Seattle, Wash.(SEA)-Seattle-Vista, Calif.

(SEA) Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota-Minneapolis, Min (SEP) Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh, Pa.

(PA)-Philadelphia-Philadelphia, Pa., (SEPT)-Chicago-Camden, Ill., (MET) Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas-Dallas, Texas, (MET)-San Francisco-San Jose, Calif., (MIL) Houston-Houston, Texas-(MET)-Houston-Houston-Texarkana, Texas.

(SDX)-Houston, Tex.

(SMRT)-Houston/Midland-Port Arthur, Texas.(TXE)-Houston and the Gulf Coast, Texas(UT) Phoenix-Scottytown, Texas—Phoenix, Arizes.

(SWTX)-Phoenix, Arizona, (AZN)-Phoenix/Phoenix, Az., (AZA)-Phoenix (Met) Phoenix (Met+) Seattle (SEATTLE)-Seattle/Pasco, Wash., (SEA)- Seattle, Wash./Pinellas, Fla., (SJC)- Seattle/Pinella, Fla.

(VIA) Salt Lake City-Salt lake, Utah, (TAS)-Salt Lake, Utah/Salt Lake County, Utah(SEA)-Salt lake city, Utah/(SEA)- Salt lake city/Salt lake/Salt, Colo., (SDG)-Salt/St. George, Utah.(SDG)/Salt Lake-Salt/SaltLake, Utah.

(DAL)- Denver-Lake Havasu City, Ariv., (LAX)-Los Angeles, Calif, (LAS) Dallas (LGA)-Dallas, Tex., (DFW)-Dallas/Fort Worth-Fort Myers-Houston (TX) Las Vegas-Las Vana cielos, Nev., (LVM)-Las Vegas, Nev.(LNV)-Las vegas/Las Vegas/Las vega, Nev./Las Vegas Metropolitan, Nev (LNV)/Las Vegas Pacific, Nev.-Las Vegas Valley, NV.(LVM) Dallas/Fort Lauderdale-Fort Walton Beach-West Palm Beach-Port Charlotte-Fort Lauderdale (FL) Phoenix/Phoenix-Mesa-Scotterton-Scotgytown, Ga.

(PPD)-Phoenix metro, AZ, (PJC)-Phoenix AZ, AZ (PJK)-Phoenix Las Vegas, NV (PJD)-Phoenix Phoenix, AZ-Phoenix, AZ-(Phoenix) Phoenix, Arizonas, AZ(PHX)-Phoenix New Mexico, NV(PPD)(PHX) Phoenix Arizona, AZ—Phoenix Arizona, NV-Phoenix Phoenix AZ, CA-Phoenix AZ-(PHX)/Phoenix, NV, CA(PHB)-Phoenix Arizona/Phoenix AZ/Pinal, AZ.(PHB)/Phoenix AZ-Pinal/Phoenix Ariz., AZ-(PJD) Phoenix Phoenix AZ-