How to create a magical armor

By now you’ve probably seen the iconic video of a ninja wearing a magical sword, which has become the iconic visual of the Nintendo DS.

The video, made by the popular Japanese animation studio, animators, and game developers, is the first in a series of new animated short stories that will be made available in the Nintendo 3DS game Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.

The game will be released this fall.

In the video, Mario and Luigi enter a mansion in which the owner, who is the mysterious Dark Knight, has a secret plan to destroy them.

In the game, it’s revealed that Mario has been assigned to guard a magical shield that is meant to protect the castle from a mysterious foe called Cricut, which is said to have the power to turn anyone into an undead.

It turns out that the Dark Knight is actually a magical creature called Criut, who has the ability to transform anyone who touches it into an Undead.

Cricuts is said in the video to be a powerful weapon, capable of destroying any enemy in the game.

In addition to the video series, there’s a new downloadable content pack coming to the game in early 2018 that includes a few new bosses, a new item, and even a new outfit for Mario.

In a statement to theScore, Nintendo said, “We are thrilled to continue this tradition of creating memorable and original video content for our fans with our upcoming Mario & Luftrausers content pack.”