I’m a girl, I’m famous, I want to be famous

My name is Anna, I’ve got two children.

I’m 26 years old, and I’m on the cover of Rolling Stone, which is a magazine.

I love everything about it, the way it was conceived, the look of it, and the way I was raised.

I was the only girl in my family.

My mother was a seamstress, my dad was a truck driver, and my mom is very close to her mother.

I lived with my dad in a tiny room with the window open and I was a girl who was always alone.

I wanted to be a fashion designer.

My first modeling job was a model shoot.

I got to know the people in the model shoot, and they were the most wonderful people I’d ever met.

They were like family, they were so kind.

When they saw that I was interested in modeling, they said, “Anna, you’re the best.”

I was in a group of girls and one of them asked me, “Are you going to be in the magazine?”

I said, no, I was going to go to a magazine shoot.

My mom came and I asked her, “Why don’t you marry me?”

She said, I already have a husband, and he loves me and he wants to give me the best life possible.

So I was very happy.

I’ve been lucky, and now I’ve achieved my dream.

I have a wonderful career.

I don’t want to change, I don