Which climate change sceptics are actually in the group

In what may be a sign of how far the climate-change sceptics have gone, this year’s summit materials from the UN have been released.

They include a list of more than 20 scientists who have called for a carbon tax to be introduced.

The list includes several who were in the early 1990s, such as former prime minister Tony Abbott and former US president George W Bush.

They have not been included in the new materials, which were first reported in the Australian Financial Review.

The inclusion of the former US President’s former adviser, Bill Kristol, suggests he is one of the new sceptics, according to an article published on the Guardian website.

The former adviser is now working as a senior advisor for the Climate Institute, which supports the UNs latest efforts to tackle climate change.

Bill Kristo is a climate sceptic who says that carbon tax would raise $100bn dollars to fight climate change article Bill Kristof, former US Republican president, and former head of the US Climate Action Task Force, has joined the list of sceptics who want a carbon-tax to be imposed.

Mr Kristof has long been a climate change denier and said in 2015 that carbon-pollution levels would soon surpass 200 parts per million (ppm) and it would take more than a decade to get to zero.

He has since been forced to retract his statement, but has said that a carbon fee is needed to combat climate change and warned that the US was heading for a “catastrophic” climate disaster.

“I believe we are heading toward a catastrophic tipping point in our environment that will not be addressed by the current emissions trajectory,” Mr Kristo wrote in 2015.

“It will lead to runaway greenhouse gases, with catastrophic consequences for humanity and the planet.”

Mr Kristol is now a member of the International Climate Science Coalition, a group of leading climate change scientists.

In an interview with the Guardian, he said the climate sceptics should be excluded from the summit materials.

“These are the people who have never been sceptical of climate change,” he said.

“They should not be included in this conference.”

Climate Change Minister Greg Hunt also made the statement that the UN climate talks should be scrapped.

“There’s no point in this,” Mr Hunt said in an interview.

“We have to go to Copenhagen, it’s going to happen and the negotiations are a sham.”

In a statement, Mr Kristolf said the UN was using “a desperate attempt to bully” the world into a new era of political compromise.

“The UN climate conference in Bonn is the worst example of a dysfunctional, bullying and disingenuous global climate summit ever, which is why it should be abandoned and never repeated,” he wrote.

Mr Bjork is the only woman among the summit’s leaders.

She is one half of the Icelandic band Bad Religion, who were once criticised for being “gender-bias-ridden” by the press.

They released a song about the gender gap at the summit last year, in which they sang: “Bad Religion: Gender is a social construct/Gender is a construct that’s in your head”.