‘I’ll never forget the first time I saw it’: Dad tells CNN’s Jake Tapper about his family’s trip to Turkey

CNN CNN CNN   The father of the five-year-old girl killed in the terror attack on the Turkish capital, Ankara, told CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday that he will never forget how his daughter was killed and how she was the reason for his family going to Turkey.

The boy’s mother, Rima, was killed along with her two sisters and two brothers when they boarded a bus that was stopped on the way to the mall.

Rima’s brother, who was traveling with the family, was shot and killed by police.

His father, Mehmet, told Tapper on Sunday that when he first heard about the shooting, he was “bitter” because his daughter, who he said was “only 2-years-old, was among the dead.

He said he’s never forgotten her.””

She was so cute, and she was always playing with the baby,” he said.”

She wanted to do whatever we did.

She didn’t care if it was for money or anything else.”

Mehmet’s son, Eman, was in the mall when the bus was stopped.

He was shot twice in the back and killed in a hospital.

“It’s very difficult to remember,” Mehmet said.

“We were afraid to go in the city because of the terror.

We were afraid of getting kidnapped or killed.”

Mehmet’s wife, Riza, also lost her son, who she said had always been interested in politics.

She told CNN that she’s grateful her husband died protecting people, including her daughter.

Mehmed said the bus driver did not stop at the mall to offer assistance to the children.

“He went into the mall,” he told CNN.

“And then he went into another area, and then he started going back into the city.”

There were lots of dead bodies everywhere.

There were bodies in the street.

“Mehtas family is now in Turkey, with the youngest son being held in a psychiatric hospital in Ankara.”

The only thing that has stayed with me is the memory of her.

She is the reason that I go back to my country,” Mehmed said.