How to be happy with your money, and keep it, as Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear series winds down

Jeremy Clarkson will be leaving the Top Gear show.

The BBC confirmed on Friday (local time) that Clarkson, who won an Emmy for the Top Book programme last year, will be stepping down from the show.

Clarkson will now work as a guest host.

He has not yet said how he will handle the decision to step down.

Clarkson was awarded an Oscar in 2012 for his role as host of Top Gear, a BBC television series that ran from 2011 to 2015.

The presenter, who is survived by his wife and two daughters, won a string of awards including best actor for his portrayal of James May in the series, as well as nominations for best presenter and best presenter.

Clarkson, 52, will now focus on his own new series.

His contract with the BBC will end in 2018, after Clarkson was nominated for an Emmy in his 50th year.

Top Gear has been on the BBC since 1984.

He first worked as a presenter on BBC One’s The Steve Allen Show, before moving to Top Gear.

In his first year, Clarkson led the show to victory at the 2012 BBC Radio 1 Grand Prix.