Why the White House is selling off buildings that are built on recycled materials

Breitbart News—the political news organization that is the intellectual leader of the alt-right movement—is a media partner of The Daily Beast.

The publication is owned by Media Matters for America, a left-wing group that is also funded by billionaire George Soros and the billionaire hedge fund billionaire George Mason University.

It has long been one of the top sources of anti-Trump misinformation.

This year, however, it was hit with a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania, which accused the White Houses website of promoting “propaganda that has no basis in fact.”

The lawsuit alleged that the website promoted false information and “further distorted the facts” in order to promote its “hate-filled agenda.”

The site was also accused of engaging in “false and misleading advertising.”

This year the ACLU also asked the courts to intervene in the case.

In a court filing on February 5, the ACLU’s lawyers argued that the White houses website “has a chilling effect on speech that might otherwise have been protected under the First Amendment” and that it “promotes falsehoods that are false, and is intended to further a political agenda.”

Breitbart News’ decision to remove all of its publications from the White house website comes as a result of the ACLU lawsuit.

Breitbart News has long opposed the Trump administration’s plans to remove the Confederate battle flag from the nation’s capitol, and in recent weeks it has argued that removing the flag would be “one of the most dangerous and destructive acts that the country has seen in our lifetimes.”

Breitbart has consistently supported a diverse and progressive agenda, and its publications have been the driving force behind the alt right movement that seeks to “purge the country of political correctness.”

On March 12, Breitbart News published a series of articles by alt-righters arguing that removing Confederate flags from the capitol building would “break the hearts” of white people.

“For as long as we live, it will be the biggest thing to happen to the white race in history,” wrote one of those articles.

“The battle flag will become a symbol of white supremacy.

It will be an ugly symbol of how much you hated and hated the Southern heritage.”

The article continued, “There will be no other place in America where this kind of hate and violence will be accepted.

It is the symbol of the white supremacist movement.

We are a minority in this country, and this flag is an extension of that.

It symbolizes that we are not the majority in America.”

“When the president’s administration puts out an ad that says that the Confederate flag is a symbol that is a ‘symbol of white supremacism,’ he is saying that we have lost, and we need to get rid of the flag, he is taking a step backward and a step forward,” Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large and senior editor-at, Andrew Kaczynski told Breitbart News.

“We have an opportunity to make a statement, and that is to remove this flag from every building that is owned or operated by the Whitehouse.

It was not just an ad, it is a policy statement.

And that’s why we’re putting this article up.”

The ACLU complaint against Breitbart News came just days after the WhiteHouse.gov website, which was the official site of the White, House, and Cabinet departments, went down for maintenance.

The Trump administration has been criticized for failing to properly inform people of the ongoing maintenance on the site.

The White House has yet to comment on the ACLU suit.

Breitbart has been among the leading outlets of the Trump alt-left, which has been a vocal critic of the administration, including during the presidential campaign.

Breitbart had previously criticized the administration for its “poverty, crime, and inequality agenda.”

“The president is putting his own political interests ahead of the interests of the American people,” Breitbart senior editor, Joel Pollak, told Breitbart in March 2017.

“This is a massive mistake.

It’s not just a simple matter of removing the flags, but the whole agenda that the president is pushing is wrong and dangerous.

It threatens the future of the country.

And the administration has no idea how to handle this.”

The WhiteHouse is owned and operated by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., and News Corp. has donated to several political campaigns, including former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign.

The News Corp.-owned site is the second most visited website on the Trump campaign, behind Breitbart News, according to data provided by the Internet Archive.

The site also has a huge following among Trump’s most vocal supporters, who have been repeatedly calling out the media outlets coverage of the president and the alt left.