Female Ghostbusters fans are calling for Ghostbusters to be made into a ‘film of girls’

The film of Ghostbusters has been a hit with fans and critics, but there is a petition to make it into a film of girls.

The petition has more than 20,000 signatures.

The movie is directed by Kristen Wiig and stars Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon as female Ghostbusters.

The trailer for the film has sparked outrage from female fans, with some saying the film should be made for girls, not boys.

“The movie should be a film about a group of girls, with their voices, experiences, and their needs,” the petition said.

“We want to make the film of our favourite female Ghostbusters, as well as the best girls-only film ever made, as a film that celebrates all of the great women of our community, and not just the ones we know and love.”

The petition says the film is “more inclusive than the original film”, which is about two female friends of the Ghostbusters, who have to deal with the fact they are all the same gender.

“It would be a great tribute to the many great women that have made this film, and it would be also a great way to celebrate the amazing women who have made our lives a little easier and safer,” it said.

A statement from the Ghostbusters production company said it was committed to ensuring that the film was made in a way that reflects the experiences of all of its characters.

“In this film and its sequels, we will continue to focus on the experiences and experiences of women of all ages, races, nationalities, sexualities and genders,” the statement said.

The production company also said it would consider any feedback from the petition.

“This is a community-driven movement,” the spokesperson said.