Trump threatens ‘big’ tax cut to get Senate to vote on tax cut

President Donald Trump is threatening to cut the top corporate tax rate to 15% to secure the passage of his tax plan, potentially giving Democrats an opening to filibuster a bill that they view as the biggest giveaway to the rich.

Mr Trump has repeatedly promised to cut taxes for the middle class but has so far kept to his campaign promise not to touch the estate tax or the alternative minimum tax (AMT) and is refusing to commit to raising the Medicare tax.

His comments to Fox News Sunday show the President is preparing to give up on the tax cut, saying he will instead “sign a deal” with Democrats that will be “big, big, big”.

“We are going to sign a deal with Democrats, they’re going to give us a big tax cut,” Mr Trump said.

“I’m going to have to negotiate with them on it.

I’m going a big deal, I’m really going to, but they’re just going to do a big, great deal.

But we’re going do it.”

Mr Trump’s comments came after he made a rare public appearance in the Oval Office on Friday to push for the tax cuts, saying that the deal would be “very, very good”.

“I think the deal we’re working on is very, very, good,” he said.

Mr Sessions said in his interview with Fox News that he would not support a tax cut that would cut taxes by more than 10%.

“We’re going up to 15%, which is probably the biggest, biggest tax cut I think we’re ever going to see in this country, which is going to go to the middle classes,” he told host Chris Wallace.

“And we’ll get that tax cut.

And the people of Alabama are going do just fine.”

Mr Sessions is also the chief justice of the US Supreme Court, a position that he said would require him to “go beyond” his role as a US senator.

In a separate interview with the network, Mr Sessions said he believed that “the people of the United States are ready to take on” the Senate tax plan.

“We’ll go up to a 15% rate,” he explained.

“So if the tax reform bill passes, we’ll probably get that.

If it doesn’t, then we’re gonna go down to the 14.3%, which means, we’re actually going to be on track to get the largest tax cut in the history of the country.”

Mr Justice Sessions, a conservative Republican who has long backed Mr Trump’s campaign promises, was asked on Friday about a potential tie-in to the tax overhaul, which the president has promised will be the largest in US history.

“Well, I believe that it’s a bipartisan bill,” he replied.

“It’s not only the Republicans, but Democrats, the President has talked about the importance of getting the Democrats on board, and so we’re looking forward to having that bipartisan bill that we’re talking about and then having that come together.”

Mr Nixon, a former Republican senator, has already warned of a political backlash against a bill the President wants to sign, as a Democratic senator, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, warned that he had lost faith in Mr Trump.

“You know, I think it’s an awful idea,” Mr Manchin told CNN.

“You’re going into the White House, you’re going after the Senate, and you’re gonna be doing something.

You’re going on the floor of the Senate.

You know, we have the White Houses, the Democratic Senators are going on TV, you’ve got the President, you have the Senate Republican, and that’s a lot of people that you’ve never met before, and it’s going to create a lot more pressure.”

The President also warned that the tax plan will be passed “not on your watch” and said he had “no plans” to cut corporate taxes.

“The only thing that I have to promise you is that if we get a good deal on it, we will pass it on to you on Day One,” he warned.

“I don’t care what it is.

I will do whatever it is, we don’t have to do it on your day.”