How to Get Better Tides in Oklahoma, Texas

As the rains in Texas and Oklahoma begin to roll in, some communities in Oklahoma are getting ready for an even better winter storm than the one that struck here last year.

The National Weather Service in Tulsa, Oklahoma, issued a winter storm warning for parts of the state Friday, warning of heavy rain, freezing rain and gusty winds, as well as flash flooding.

Heavy snow is expected to blanket parts of Oklahoma’s plains, with up to one foot of snow in some areas.

The heaviest snow will likely fall in the central and eastern parts of Tulsa and surrounding counties, and up to 5 inches of snow is possible.

There are also reports of flash flooding and potential damage from lightning.

Tulsa Mayor David Brown said he and other city officials are working with the state’s Emergency Management Agency and other agencies to plan for the storm.

The city’s water department is preparing to use a large sprinkler system to reduce the risk of flooding.

Tens of thousands of people were evacuated from the city last month after a tornado tore through the city, killing nine people.

The National Weather Services says that number has since risen to over 250,000 people.

In the meantime, people are working to stay safe in their homes.

The Oklahoma National Guard is in the area, and the Oklahoma City Police Department is on standby to help with traffic safety.