The ‘Jungkook’ girl songs have finally landed on the big screen

The songwriting process for the new “JungKook” movie has started and the first songs are now being written, according to the actress who plays the character in the new film.

On Sunday, she shared a photo of the music video for the song “F*ck You” with Instagram, and the post has since been shared nearly two million times.

It has been a long road to get to this point, she told ABC News, but she’s excited for fans to finally see the songs in their full glory.

“F**k You” is a really emotional song and I’m really excited for the fans to see it live on screen, she said.

The song is a beautiful song and is a big part of what makes me want to sing.

This is a song that I feel like I need to say, so I hope you will enjoy it and get to see the song live on film, she continued.

The first video for “F#ck You,” released earlier this month, shows a crowd cheering as a singer sings along to the song.

She told ABC that she originally wrote the song in her dorm room, but it was moved into the film when she had her makeup done by director Justin Marks.

“I had to have a makeup artist there,” she said, adding that she’s hoping the film will show her “the beauty of this song.”

The song was inspired by a trip to Korea and the fact that “JangKook,” as she calls her family, is from there.

She said she wrote the songs with her two older brothers, “because they always get me laughing.”

“I’m always excited to be singing with them,” she told the Associated Press.