This is a 3D printed bed

The bed design for the new HomePod is a little different than the ones Apple has been using.

Instead of having a hollow base, this one is hollow at the bottom.

It’s designed to have a flexible hinge, allowing the bed to fold up for storage.

The design has been designed by the designers of the new Apple HomePod, and it will use a 3d printer to create the structure.

The 3D print will be able to print with a wide range of materials, from aluminum to steel to polymers.

It’ll also have a removable bottom that can be easily removed.

Here’s a look at the design of the HomePod:You can view a video of the process on Apple’s official HomePod website.

The new design of HomePod will also include an LED light bar that can turn on and off depending on your current ambient light.

This light bar is the same type of light bar Apple has used on the iPad Air 2, but with a different function.

Instead of turning on the LED to dim the lights for a specific time, HomePod has an LED that can illuminate the whole room.

This feature is a feature called LED lighting that Apple introduced on the Apple Watch earlier this year.

HomePod’s LED lighting features a battery that can last up to eight hours.