Bill of Materials: Ford to unveil advanced materials in its cars

BY BILL MCDONNELL AND JASON LEINERFord is about to unveil the advanced materials that the automaker believes will be the foundation for the next-generation Ford Fusion Hybrid.

Ford is expected to reveal the materials at the Detroit Auto Show on Jan. 28.

The Fusion Hybrid is the vehicle Ford hopes to sell in 2019.

Ford is building the car with advanced materials and will unveil the technology later this year.

The materials were developed at the University of Michigan, where a research team led by John Cottle, a professor of civil and environmental engineering, is using computer simulations to create the advanced structures.

Cottle is using the Fusion Hybrid to explore the relationship between heat transfer and materials properties, and the Fusion-based materials could have applications in many areas, including aerospace and automotive.

Ford did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the advanced material announcements.

Ford has a history of creating cars with materials that are both complex and advanced, and it has a track record of creating the materials that it says will be useful in a future Fusion Hybrid, such as the new Fusion 500 and the upcoming Fusion Hybrid Hybrid.

A key goal for Ford is to make the Fusion hybrid an industry leader.

Ford’s Fusion Hybrid will be offered in three versions: the Fusion 500, the Fusion 600, and a new, more affordable Fusion 600E.

Ford says it expects the Fusion 400 to be available in 2019, and that it expects a Fusion 500 to arrive in 2021.

Ford has not revealed pricing, but sources say the Fusion 300 will be priced at about $40,000.

Ford says the Fusion 200 will be available by 2020.

The Fusion 400 is slated to arrive by 2019, although it’s not yet clear how long the Fusion 100 will be on sale.

Ford also plans to unveil its Fusion 250.

The new Fusion 250 is supposed to be the car that replaces the Fusion Fusion 200, but Ford has yet to announce when that will happen.

The company did say in a statement that it will not offer a price for the new car, and its initial pricing is $35,000 for a model.

Ford will be unveiling more details about the Fusion products later this month, but the company says that it is not ready to disclose more details until after the show.