Trump orders construction of border wall, fencing to replace fencing

Trump has signed an executive order to construct the $3.7 billion border wall and the replacement of fencing with steel and other structural materials.

The order instructs the Department of Homeland Security to begin construction on the wall in March 2019.

Construction of the border wall will likely take place during the spring, as it has since the election.

The president has also ordered that the Department will use a federal land-use permit to begin the construction of a section of the wall across the Rio Grande in Texas.

Trump said that the wall will be completed by 2021, and that the department would issue an estimated $1.7 trillion in construction permits to states, cities, tribes and localities for the construction.

The $1 trillion figure is an estimate based on a projection that the border will be fully secured by the end of 2020.

However, as Breitbart Texas reported, the actual construction will take place in 2019, when construction is expected to be complete.

The Department of the Interior is the lead agency responsible for construction.

Construction will begin in March, and the department has said that it will issue construction permits beginning in October 2019.

The department has also said that they will issue 2,500 miles of fencing, including the 12 miles of fence that the president has already ordered to be completed.

It will also build roads, bridges and airports.

Breitbart Texas has reported that the White House has not made public the funding for the border fence.