‘I was the worst’: Trump defends ‘good’ interview with Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kellyanne Trump is back in the news again after she was accused of ‘attacking’ her co-host on Tuesday’s episode of The View, and it wasn’t a good one.

While the former Apprentice contestant and the late, great Megyn McEnany are close, the two have always seemed to share a lot of similarities.

She is the former “Tonight Show” host, who has been on the air for decades and is well known as a host and interviewer, while McEnan has had some pretty strong moments on the show.

Trump was once asked about the show in a 2017 interview, and he said, “I like her, but I’m not a fan.”

In a tweet Tuesday, Trump wrote, “The Megyn [Kelly] interview was one of the most successful, and frankly, the worst I have ever done.

I am a friend to her and would have loved to have done it, but she attacked me.

No, I was not the worst!”

He continued, “If the people in my life were, it would be a very different story, but they’re not.

They’re all very nice, but not me.”

On Sunday, Kelly tweeted, “He said I am the worst, the most mean-spirited, the nasty, the disrespectful, the one who attacked me in the interview.

I said I would never, ever say that, because I’m friends with Meghan.”

This is a developing story and we will update if and when more information becomes available.