How to get rid of your acne, and more

You know you have acne when it feels like it’s constantly getting worse.

In this article, we’ll share five easy ways to get the acne you want.1.

Avoid acne medications.

These drugs can irritate the skin and leave you feeling like you have a black spot.

The only thing to avoid is a drug like acetaminophen that contains acetaldehyde, which makes your skin feel like it is a mess.

Acne medications are also irritating to your eyes and skin, making them difficult to use.2.

Limit your sun exposure.

Sunburns, flare-ups and sunburns are a common side effect of acne medications and are usually treated with prescription medications.

Make sure you stay in the shade as much as possible.3.

Try a natural facial oil.

Natural facial oils can help keep the acne from worsening, but they’re not 100% effective for everyone.

The best way to get a healthy, clear face is to use one made with natural ingredients and products that are natural to your skin.4.

Take a break.

If you are in pain, it can be hard to stop using acne medication.

In fact, a study from the American Academy of Dermatology found that a 30-minute break every day helps reduce the severity of acne.5.

Get regular face and body care.

Make a daily schedule to take care of your skin and look better with a face and/or body care routine.

Learn more about the latest treatments and skincare products in the dermatology section of the Mayo Clinic.

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