Air Conditioning Companies Say They’re Working on New Equipment for Rental Cars

By MATT BEGAN, Associated PressBoeing Co. is exploring the possibility of leasing the fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners it has been building for a decade to rent to businesses and consumers in the form of an Air Conditioner for those who do not have a space to put in their own heating and air conditioning systems, the company said.

It said in a statement that it is working with leasing companies to identify a potential market and develop an application for lease that would be “similar to the existing leasing options for commercial air-conditioning equipment.”

Boeer is one of the leading U.S. companies building air-cooled planes for lease, with about 50 in service.

It has said it is exploring options for the leasing program.

Boeers spokeswoman Jennifer Koehler said the company does not comment on its internal business or the development of a leasing program but that the company is exploring leasing options with other companies in the space.