New Jersey law requires recycling of waste

NEW JERSEY — New Jersey’s legislature passed a bill Tuesday that requires recycling a portion of buildings material to be recycled.

The law also requires the state to pay to cover the costs of recycling buildings material.

Under the law, which takes effect immediately, companies are required to post a sign in their waste facility indicating the amount of material that can be recycled, and also provide information about the process for doing so.

The bill also requires recycling to be carried out by:• Waste trucks in New Jersey• Residential or commercial waste management companies and subcontractors• Manufacturers of materials used for construction, including metal, wood and paper• Contractors of materials that can also be recycled for reuse• Other waste companies and suppliers of materialsThe law applies to buildings and buildings materials used to construct structures.

The legislation passed by the state House and Senate passed the Assembly last week, but was blocked in the Senate by the Republican governor.

The new law is part of a broader initiative in the state designed to address waste from construction projects, according to Assemblyman Richard Gottfried.

He said he is optimistic that the law will pass, but that there are still a lot of unanswered questions about how it will be implemented and the state’s recycling program.

Gottfried said he hopes to make a final decision on the law this month.