What to do when you get stuck in a puddle of puddle water

What to use: Water from a bucket, hose, or other source.

The puddle is not as slippery as the water on the bottom of the container and you should only use it as a last resort.

The water will only be around for a short time and should not be used as a dumping ground.

If the water is too wet to move, you can leave it in the puddle and put it in a bucket of water to try to get it to move.

If you get wet it will float.

If it is too cold, the water will freeze solid.

If there is too much moisture in the water, it will turn cloudy.

When you are stuck: If you are standing in a stream, you will not be able to see where you are in the stream, but you will be able at a later date to see if you are swimming.