How to design an office building that reflects the city’s history and identity

Posted September 20, 2018 07:19:23It’s a good thing the New York City Council is so divided over the new citywide proposal to make the city more pedestrian-friendly.

One member of the city council has expressed skepticism that the new designs will make it to the final vote.

The design process began with a study on the idea of building a “high-tech city” on a waterfront site.

That proposal, and other designs, were ultimately rejected by the council.

But now the new proposal includes the possibility of a citywide plaza or plaza-like structure.

It’s called a plaza and is designed to give a sense of scale to the city.

The project also calls for an underground tunnel to connect the plaza to the subway lines.

That could mean more street life, a larger pedestrian plaza and a greater variety of retail, entertainment and transportation options for the cityscape.

The plaza is supposed to be a gateway to the public realm.

It will be one of the first large urban parks in the country, and could also be used to host other public spaces.

A few members of the council have expressed reservations about that idea, but they are all leaning in the direction of support for the plaza.

The proposal has been pushed by city leaders who want to preserve the pedestrian and public spaces that make New York unique.

The plan is also expected to have strong bipartisan support.