Which is more important: The weather or the economy?

I’ll take the weather over the economy.

It’s the economy and I think there’s going to be a strong push to be very pro-business in this administration.

So, you know, I don’t see it as a question of economics.

I don to the contrary, the economy is my number one priority and I want to be able to put people back to work and have them come back with new skills.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a farmer, a rancher, a fisherman, an auto mechanic.

If you have a business or an occupation that depends on weather, you’re going to have to be more concerned about it.

And I think that’s why I think it’s going be a very pro business administration.

You know, when you’re talking about climate change, when the economy depends on it, you have to take a position that makes sense to you.

So I think you’re not going to see a lot of partisan differences.

I think the Republicans are going to embrace this administration, and I know they’re going out there to try to convince the public that it’s not a good time to be in business, but you know what?

I don`t see that coming.

And they’re right.

And so, I just think that the people that want to see business and the economy flourish, they’re not really going to support a lot that the Republicans have to offer.

You can say that for a lot more reasons.

I know there are some that have a little more of an emotional attachment to their home states than I do, but I just don’t think that people will buy into that.

And what I would say to you is, if you are in a climate that you believe is not sustainable, if the weather is bad and it doesn’t work out, and you want to get out of that situation and start again, and your employer is saying you can’t, then I think, it would be very hard for people to accept that.

So it`s going to take an extraordinary amount of political courage to stand up to that.

If we can get it done, we can be sure that business and business jobs are going back.

Thank you.

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