Woman accuses police of beating her after she claims she was raped

A woman who says she was assaulted by a police officer in a parking lot after she was accused of being drunk and disorderly is accusing the officer of a cover-up.

The woman, who has not been identified, said officers did not tell her that she had been assaulted.

The incident happened Friday night at a Walmart in the city’s southwest.

The video posted online shows an officer pulling a woman away from a vehicle and forcing her to the ground.

The officer then takes off her pants, which are stained with blood.

A woman yells, “I’m not drunk or disorderly.”

“I was like, ‘Oh my god.

That’s my sister, that’s my mom,'” she said.

She said she was trying to get away from her sister, who is black, when the officer grabbed her by the neck and pushed her to her knees.

The victim was able to walk away but was taken to a hospital for treatment.

The man who called police to report the assault said the woman was drunk, disorderly and in the driver’s seat of the car.

The officers told her to stop resisting and that she was not drunk, the man said.

The next day, a witness told police she saw the woman walking toward a store and she was arrested.

The witness said she saw her walking with the woman and her mother.

The mother, who lives in the same neighborhood as the woman, said she witnessed the assault.

She called police and reported the incident.

Police Chief Peter Newsham said officers were called to the Walmart because of a report of an altercation between two groups of people.

Officers asked the woman to come inside and get out of the parking lot, but she refused, Newshamp said.

He said the officers used a stun gun to restrain her, and that the woman had blood on her shirt.

“They took her into custody, and she went to jail,” he said.

Newshamps said officers had no knowledge of the woman’s age.

He called the woman a good witness and said she has been treated for her injuries.

He declined to identify her, saying she is under the protection of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

The Walmart employee who recorded the incident has since been fired.

“It’s a terrible situation, and we will take all of the steps we need to take to ensure that this doesn’t happen to another innocent bystander,” Newshams said.

Police did not immediately return calls seeking comment.