Android Material wallpaper in the Play Store for $2.99

Google is offering a special discount for Android developers for Android Material apps that contain a wallpaper with a material theme, Google has announced.

The Material wallpaper is available for $0.99 with no ads or subscriptions, Google said.

Material themes, or apps that are designed to look like a specific Android or Google product, can be downloaded for free on Google Play.

Material wallpaper is a relatively new and relatively under-the-radar feature that allows apps to have a different look depending on whether the app uses Material Design, Google’s next-generation mobile platform, or uses Material Theme.

Material Design apps include Google’s new Material design framework, which uses a combination of hardware and software to create a unified user experience.

Material themes include the popular Google Material Theme, Google+ Material, and Material for Android.

Material Theme is the Google+ app for Android that uses Material as its default theme.

Material Theme is available in the Google Play Store as well as on the App Store and Google Play Movies and TV.

Google said that it has been working with Android app developers on the new Material wallpaper feature.

Android app developers can download and use Material themes through the Google app for Google+, which is designed to be easy to navigate and has an Android launcher, Google Play, and the Google Search app.

Material theme can be used in many Google apps including the Google Calendar, Google Photos, Google Drive, and Google Voice.

Google has also begun offering Material theme on its Google Play app, Google+, for Android, Google Search, YouTube, and Gmail.

Material theme apps are designed for apps that use Material Design.

Android users can install the Material theme to the Google apps or use it in other Google apps.

Google added that Google will soon release Material theme apps that work in Google Play apps.