Android Material wallpaper in the Play Store for $2.99

Google is offering a special discount for Android developers for Android Material apps that contain a wallpaper with a material theme, Google has announced.The Material wallpaper is available for $0.99 with no ads or subscriptions, Google said.Material themes, or apps […]

A guide to the lobbying materials and lobbying organizations that have come out to oppose the Trump agenda

By Eric Goldman,BloombergBusinessweekStaff writerLobbying is not something to brag about.Lobbying in America, in the era of President Donald Trump, is something that must be kept hidden, if not covered up.The lobbyists who have been on the front lines of the […]

‘Catch-22’ to homeowners with flood insurance, says local real estate agent

In an unusual move, the Federal Government announced Tuesday it is capping the flood insurance rates for properties that flood.The new rule means homeowners who receive flood insurance will be charged $1,000 per square metre of land.This comes after the […]

Why is your TV sound deadening and magnetic material in the middle of the night?

This is the title of the article, and I’ll get to the bottom of why.I have a question about the sound deadener and its magnetic material, as well as the magnetized sound material.So, first off, let me clear up a […]

When will you be able to order the carbon fiber material calculator?

A few months ago, the Carbon Fiber Calculator got a lot of attention on the Internet because of its simplicity, which some people found appealing.It allows you to order a calculator for $39, and it does so using the Internet, […]