‘I’ll never forget the first time I saw it’: Dad tells CNN’s Jake Tapper about his family’s trip to Turkey

CNN CNN CNN   The father of the five-year-old girl killed in the terror attack on the Turkish capital, Ankara, told CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday that he will never forget how his daughter was killed and how she […]

Which of the top 10 best cookware materials are available?

The NHL is taking a look at the best cookery items available at the moment.The league announced its top 10 list on Wednesday, and we’re taking a closer look at each one.Here’s a look.1. Jumbo Jet® Sandwiches, $15.99 each2.Mango Sandwicakes, […]

How to create a sound absorbing, lightweight, lightweight jersey material for the NFL

The NFL is in the midst of a massive process to create lightweight jerseys to replace its old, bulky jerseys.The league’s new lightweight jerseys have an outer layer of fabric that can absorb a lot of sound, but the inside […]