Magnox Aqua

Wet areas present a problem for most boards used in sheathing as they soak up water and swell which leads to the boards breaking up and crumbling away. Like all MgO based boards, Magnox boards before any finish is applied and if in contact with water will absorb some water, but then will release it without any noticeable physical changes in the board. This characteristic nature of the boards can lead to problems with corrosion and staining of the boards, when the boards used are produced using magnesium chloride in the formula. Magnox boards are produced using NO magnesium chloride.

For bathrooms the boards can be used with a simple paint finish and are ideal as tile backer. The ease of cutting and handling boards on site make them a far easier product to work with than many other similar materials.

In kitchen and catering areas, not only is the stability in water a key benefit, but also the boards inherent strengths of zero flame spread and virtually smokeless under fire should be key elements for all building materials in such environments. Floors, ceiling and walls would all benefit in such areas by using Magnox and kitchen cabinets plus counter tops could also benefit by being constructed using Magnox boards.

Pod bathroom and kitchen manufacturers need strong and functional boards, such as Magnox that offer excellent rigidity enhancing the pods overall strength so that on delivery and installation the structural integrity remains intact making installation potentially less problematic.

Swimming pool areas, house boat interiors are other areas that would benefit from using Magnox boards.

In recent tests Magnox was used as substructure for artificial tennis courts, where the previous substructure once wet began to break down, unlike the Magnox boards which retained their strength and physical properties.