Magnox Build

Magnox boards are manufactured using a formula free of Magnesium Chloride, thereby avoiding any corrosive chlorides in the product that potentially could lead to corrosion of screws and fittings. This makes Magnox boards ideal for various building and construction applications.

Typically, the boards of have been used as a sheathing product on a light steel frame; high impact strength, zero flame spread, stable in water, easier and safer to work with than many other sheathing products – there are numerous advantages of using such boards for sheathing.

Beyond sheathing Magnox boards have so many other uses.

Magnox boards can be used for flooring giving a level surface ready to take any applied finish whether tiles, carpets, wood etc.

For facades Magnox boards can give an excellent flat level surface for a suitable render finish to be applied. For cladding the boards can be laminated in a suitable finish and used as cladding using a tried and tested adhesive system from Sika, so no need to screw through laminated boards.

Many installers and providers of EIFS systems prefer to use MgO based backing boards which is far easier to use and cut to the required sizes and shapes than many other similar products.

When constructing fire rated wooden door Magnox boards are used to protect the core and 30 minute, 60 minute and 120 minutes fire ratings can be achieved. Consistent flat and smooth quality of Magnox boards means that final wood finish for the door can be laminated directly to the board without the need for placing an additional layer of MDF between the board and the final finishing material.

Corrugated Magnox sheets, laminated on both sides, provides excellent roofing material that does not burn and is virtually smokeless under fire. These boards are produced using bamboo fibre that ensures the rigidity and strength of this excellent roofing sheet is always maintained.