Magnox Fire

With zero flame spread and virtually smokeless under fire Magnox boards help to keep fires at bay. As part of a developed wall system Magnox boards can provide more than two hours fire resistance as an integral part of the wall.

Magnox have so far been tested to ASTM E84 and BS476 part 22 for both walls and doors. As products and systems are developed further, fire tests will be undertaken to ensure that the fire rating properties of Magnox boards are used to their full potential.

Magnox boards are successfully used as a protective layer for the door core with fire ratings of one and two hours being achieved.

The fire-resistant property of these boards also means that Magnox is ideal for use on floors and ceilings as well and will provide no assistance in spreading the fire through a building like.

Used as cladding, again those same characteristics, come into play and a fire will not spread over a building due to the Magnox cladding.