Magnox Interior

Magnox boards are manufactured using a formula free of Magnesium Chloride, thereby avoiding any corrosive chlorides in the product that potentially could lead to corrosion of screws and fittings. This makes Magnox boards ideal for various interior applications.

As a sheathing product, Magnox can be painted with a high standard of finish being easily achieved due to the quality of the Magnox board surface.

Furthermore, it is possible to apply alternative finishes to Magnox boards, so vinyl laminates can be applied, veneer finishes can be adhered to the boards and using tried and tested Sika adhesives the boards can be adhered to the supporting frame without the need to apply screw fixings through the laminated/veneer finish.

For curved walls the flexibility of the Magnox 3mm board allows the board to follow the contours of the wall or ceiling, making Magnox a far easier alternative product to use for curved walls.

For false ceilings Magnox boards are ideal to use with zero flame spread and virtually smokeless under fire, they are one of the best and safest ceiling solutions. With boiler tanks and air conditioning equipment in the ceiling void, potentially leaks may occur, which with so many conventional ceiling systems the materials used will swell, become damaged and stain requiring replacement of the material. Magnox boards will not swell when in contact with water nor become damaged due to any leaking with staining only occurring in the harshest of conditions.