When Google Maps overlays its own content on the Google Maps icon, what happens?

title Google Maps overlay: Google Maps can’t make any changes to the image that appears next to it article title Maps overlaying itself on Google Maps article title A Google Maps image overlays itself on another image article title The […]

‘Catch-22’ to homeowners with flood insurance, says local real estate agent

In an unusual move, the Federal Government announced Tuesday it is capping the flood insurance rates for properties that flood.The new rule means homeowners who receive flood insurance will be charged $1,000 per square metre of land.This comes after the […]

Why is your TV sound deadening and magnetic material in the middle of the night?

This is the title of the article, and I’ll get to the bottom of why.I have a question about the sound deadener and its magnetic material, as well as the magnetized sound material.So, first off, let me clear up a […]

Alpine insulation material comes in 4 colors, colors for more than one project

In the last month, we’ve seen several major advancements in the world of insulation.The latest is a material called Alpine.It comes in a variety of different colors and patterns, and it can be applied to a variety types of surfaces, […]