When the U.S. Department of Defense will spend $2.8 billion on a new U.N. compound

U.K. Defence Secretary Michael Fallon and his British counterpart, Sir Michael Fallon, said on Thursday that they would announce a $2 billion new project in the U-turn for the U,N.chemical weapons watchdog.The announcement comes after the U.-turn on an earlier […]

Female Ghostbusters fans are calling for Ghostbusters to be made into a ‘film of girls’

The film of Ghostbusters has been a hit with fans and critics, but there is a petition to make it into a film of girls.The petition has more than 20,000 signatures.The movie is directed by Kristen Wiig and stars Melissa […]

When it comes to new technology, what is a material?

Posted by The Australian Financial Review on Thursday, September 27, 2019 12:03:47Read moreThe National Institute of Technology (NIT) has been given a “good” or “very good” rating on its technology transfer rating system, a new report has found.The National Innovation […]