Android Material wallpaper in the Play Store for $2.99

Google is offering a special discount for Android developers for Android Material apps that contain a wallpaper with a material theme, Google has announced.The Material wallpaper is available for $0.99 with no ads or subscriptions, Google said.Material themes, or apps […]

The Bundesliga will host the UEFA Champions League next season

It has been announced that the Bundesliga will be hosting the UEFA Europa League in 2020, a competition that will feature 16 teams from all over Europe.The new European champions will play their final matches in the club’s new home […]

How to get a great deal at the best prices at the largest library, for less money

When you need to find the best value at the most affordable price, a good source is always the best place to start.A library is the perfect place to find that savings on books and bookshelves, especially when you’re in […]