What you need to know about the g10 material that is in your G10 camera

The material you’re using to make your camera’s lens and lens element is g10.The g10 you’ll find on most consumer cameras is made of titanium, nickel, and nickel-metal hydride (NiMH).If you’re interested in the g2 material, the material used to […]

Quebec’s provincial government approves $9M project to develop PEVA material

Quebec’s federal government has approved a $9 million project to produce materials from peva that can be used in advanced materials that are now being developed in the United States.The province is to invest $4.5 million in the project, which […]

Fabric is cheap but not cheap enough for the average UK citizen to make a living

By Amy Krawczyk / Business Insider UK manufacturing is a hard nut to crack for a household.A £2.25bn manufacturing industry that produces goods that make the majority of us happy will probably never recover its former glory.The UK is the […]